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Connecting bloggers and advertisers

Our platform will bring you closer to advertisers interested in promoting their business through publishing sponsored content on relevant blogs. Add your blog to our database to let prospective clients know you’re open to doing business together.


  • Hundreds of advertisers

    Hundreds of advertisers

    Your blog will be seen by lots of prospective clients running businesses in your niche.

  • No fees and hidden costs

    No fees and hidden costs

    Our service is 100% free for bloggers.

  • No mediators

    No mediators

    There is no middle man between you and your clients. They will contact you directly via email.

  • No obligation

    No obligation

    You are free to choose whom to work with and on what terms.

How it works

  1. First step

    Register an account and confirm your email.

  2. Second step

    Add details about your blog(s).

  3. Third step

    Check your inbox for emails from advertisers.

  4. Fourth step

    Discuss the terms, complete the order, get paid.

Requirements for bloggers

Bloggers use the requirements we offer
  • Moderate response time

    We expect you to respond to advertising inquiries in a timely manner. Once a month you’ll need to confirm your availability by clicking on a link provided in an email.

  • Real audience

    Your blog must have organic traffic to be listed here. It will be regularly checked with ahrefs while the blog is in our database.

  • Custom domain names

    We don’t accept blogs with subdomain names related to free blogging platforms, like,

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